Winter swimming activities in Luleå are provided by Henrik Pernsteiner at the company Hiking the north, who also arranges other activities you shouldn’t miss while in Swedish Lapland. Our concept of winter swimming is created together with Pontus Wikström, chairman of the ice swimming association in Luleå.

Our facilities

We have a sauna in the center of the city, just 10 minutes walk from the main street hotels. There is room for six persons in the sauna, and we also have a large tent for changing when gathering bigger groups of ice swimmers. 

Our pool is 3 x 5 meters and the depth varies from 50 cm to around 150 cm depending on the sea water levels. You get down into the water either by sitting on the edge of the pool and stepping down, or use one of the ladders.


Why should you get into ice cold water😱🥶😱🥶??
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